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HM Series Foot Mount Cyclo Drive Gear Motor

The VARITRON® Cycloid Drive unique cycloid gear design has advantages superior to speed reducers using common involute tooth gears. The key to Vatidel®'s Cycloidial Drive matchless performance and reliability is that 67% of the reduction components are in contact at all times, compared to helical gear and planetary gear designs that use only limited tooth contact. Unlike geared designs, the Vatidel®'s reduction components operate in compression rather than shear, which results to withstand shock loads exceeding ratings of 500%, provide exceptional performance, reliability and long life in most severe applications.


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 High Efficiency

Rolling Contact - All major torque transmitting components roll; they do not slide.  Rolling motion contributes to minimal friction and high efficiency. Single stage efficiency approaches 93%, and double stage efficiency approaches 86%.



• Durable and Long Service Life

The gear tooth profile of the Vatidel® Cycloid Drive enables the sharing of the load by a number of teeth, thus not susceptible to tooth breakage. At least 66% of ring gear rollers and cycloidial disc lobes share the shock load under compression. In addition, major torque transmission components inside the Vatidel® Cycloid Drive are made of 52100 (JIS SUJ2) high carbon chromium bearing grade steel hardened to Rockwell Hardness of HRC 61~63 and with precision grinding. The end result is that Varitron Cycloid Drive are capable of withstanding intermittent shock load up to 500% of its catalog torque rating.

cyclo gear tooth profile




 Standard gray cast iron (JIS FC25) iron provides rigid structural integrity. Optional ductile iron housing (JIS FCD45) available.



High Strength Low Alloy Steel (JIS SCM21) with oversized bearings for excellent overhung load capacity and outstanding performance.



Keeps lubricant in; keeps dirt out. (For model 8135 and above double dual lips oil seal on output side)



 lifetime grease lubrication or easy-to-replenish oil lubrication.



large oil filler hole. Oil cap also functions for pressure release purpose.


• SIDE GLASS (Oil Lubricated Models)

 For easy oil level and clarity reading. Installing side can assign on ordering. Markers also on the side glass to show how much oil to fill.


• DRAIN PLUGS (Oil Lubricated Models) 

Magnetic design to prevent any steel dust from bearing and gear when wear in the oil. Two drain plugs for simple oil replacement.



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HM:Foot Mount Gearmotor

HXFoot Mount Reducer with IEC/NEMA Adaptor

H: Foot Mount Reducer with Input Shaft

VM: Flange Mount Gearmotor

VX: Flange Mount Reducer with IEC/NEMA Adaptor

V: Flange Mount Reducer with Input Shaft



Motor Horse Power

1,2,3,5,8,10,15,20,25,30,… Refer to page 5. 


Frame Size 

Single Stage :8105,8125,8135,8145,8165,8175,… Refer to page 6.

Double Stage8105DA,8125DA,8125DB,8135DA,… 



6,8,11,13,15,17,21,25,29,35,43,51,59,71,87,121,Refer to Page 7





Empty if non

SV:Servo Motor           

SP:Single PhraseMotor  

TL:Torque Limiter 

B:With Brake   


EN: Encoder 

AVM: Speed Variator 

R2:Heavy radial &DuctileCasting


SM: Smart monitoring 

DC:DC motor 

AV:Inverter Motor 

R1:Heavy Radial


F: External Fan 


CS/CSS: Agitator

EP:IE3 Premium Efficiency



Operation Direction

M1(Standard),M2,M3,M4,M5,M6  Refer to Page5. 


Terminal Box Direction

T1 (Standard), T2, T3, T4  Refer to Page5. 


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• Chemical Agitator (mixer)

  • Conveyors

  • Crusher

  • Automation

  • Water Treatment and waste water

  • Food Machinery

  • Plastic Machinery

  • Paper Mills

  • Printing machinery

  • Mortal Pump System

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Q &


The Cycloid Drive Principle


As the eccentric rotates, it rolls one or more cycloid discs around the internal circumference of the ring gear housing. The resulting action is similar to that of a disc rolling around the inside of a ring. As the cycloid discs travel in a clockwise path around the ring gear, the discs themselves turn in a counter-clockwise direction around their own axes. The teeth of the cycloid discs engage successively with the pins of the fixed ring gear, thus producing a reverse rotation at reduced speed. The reduction ratio is determined by the number of cycloid teeth on the cycloid disc. There is at least 1 less tooth per cycloid disc than there are rollers in the ring gear housing which results in the reduction ratio being numerically equal to the number of teeth on the cycloid disc. Therefore for each complete revolution of the high speed shaft the cycloid discs move in the opposite direction by one tooth.



The rotation of the cycloid discs is transmitted to the slow speed shaft via the pins and rollers projecting through holes in the cycloid discs. The pins of the slow speed shaft and sometimes the pins of the ring gear, too are equipped with rollers so that the torque transmitting parts of the CYCLO gearbox roll smoothly.

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