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- 12/15/2015 -
Taiwan-Leading Foam Production Turnkey Company with inbuilt Vatidel Quality Gear Motor

Taiwan-Leading Foam Production Turnkey Company with inbuilt VaritronHigh Quality Gear Motor


Sunkist Chemical Machinery Ltd, was established in the 1979,
having fifty-four numbers of patents right in the industry and
development of the market in 108 countries. Sunkist has great reputation as foam Turnkey company. With close business relationship, Varitron and Sunkist cooperate and grow together,working side by side andsharing the common goal ofcustomer satisfaction.
  Including foaming equipment, Sunkist has wide range of services in the chemical industry, such as foam cutting machine, re-bonding machine, foam sponge rubber, bedding machine, knife cutter, foam cutter, quilting machine, laminating machine, plastic recycling machine, mattress machine, foaming machine. To give the best product quality for the every customer from all around the word, Sunkist takes strict standards of quality control, and not only putting emphasis on manufacture process but also paying attention to every detail of tooling production requirement. Therefore, Vatidel’s
helical gear motor was chosen by Sunkist.
gear motor and gearbox has wonderful performance, durable quality, and lesser noise to compare with other normal gearbox. Fully meeting customer expectations, Varitron helical gear motor is recommended with high maturity of product quality in the past 50 years.

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