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- 3/1/2016 -
Magnetic Filtration System in Vatidel Gearbox Gearmotor Design

Varitron has developed a simple device to remove ferrous metal contaminants from oil or transmission fluid with minimal reduction in fluid pressure. The patented device, uses a magnetic field effect to remove particles as small as 1 microns from a variety of fluid types and viscosities. This gearbox and gearmotor lubrication oil filtration system was developed by a former Air Force engineer(now In Vatidel) who was working in the field of performance transmissions.


Varitron engineer had been trying to solve the problem of scoring on pistons and gear teeth due to natural ware out. Natural metal ware off which reintroduced into the system especially bearing and gears causing damage.


For example, Varitron Magnetic filters have been used at electrical power generation plants to replace edge filtration for the removal of contaminants from the lubrication systems of coal mill gearboxes. They’ve also been used in the lubrication systems of Airport luggage automation conveyor drive transmissions system by a major international airport. The customers who’ve built up experience with the filtration design are now using it as their only fine filtration.


Vatidel's product line: Cycloidal Drive, Industrial Gearbox oil lubrication type are now equipped with Varitron magnetic filtration system. Other products can be integrated upon ordering.

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