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Application field for Helical Gear motor speed reducer

Application field for Gear motor reducer


Engineering Industry

conveyer, elevator, machinery for transportation, pulverizer, textile machinery, printing machinery, plastic & rubber machinery, steel mill machinery, automation machinery and many others.


Chemical Industry

Agitator mixer, paper making machinery, packing machinery, and many application in chemical machinery.


Wood Working Machine

Sanding M/C, double side plane machine, finger joint M/C, coating liquid mixer, painting M/C, shaker, centrifuge, band saw machines, automation production system, plywood machinery


Electrical Industry Factory

Winding machine, rubber coating machines, agitator, stretcher


Agriculture Machine

Fruit selecting machinery, all kinds of food machinery, frozen refrigeration machinery


Mining Industry Machinery

Conveyor belt system, waste water treatment machinery


Textile Industry Machinery

Agitator mixer, production line, textile machines


Characteristic for Gear motor reducer

-Bigger torque (torque multiple)

-For easy transmission

-Small size

-Low noise

-Save electricity 

-High efficiency

-Long service life



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