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Gearbox Shaft misalignment

Gearbox shaft and speed reducers shaft misalignment is the result of displacement during assembly

and operation and, where machines constructed with two

radial bearings each are rigidly coupled, will cause high loads

being placed on the bearings. Elastic deformation of base

frame, foundation and machine housing will lead to shaft misalignment

which cannot be prevented, even by precise alignment.


Furthermore, because individual components of the drive

train heat up differently during operation, heat expansion of the

machine housings causes shaft misalignment.

Poorly aligned drives are often the cause of seal or rolling bearing

failure. Alignment should be carried out by specialist personnel

in accordance with the Varitron operating instructions.

Depending on the direction of the effective shaft misalignment a

distinction is made between:



The gearbox shaft misalignment expected must be taken into account on

selecting the connection between the components and the input

shaft or output shaft. Guidelines and limits for compensation of

shaft misalignment can be obtained from Varitron. 

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